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Neomedievalisms are cultural practices that breathe a bouquet of premoderns as permanent rehearsals of coming events. Where medievalists may be prone to police the post-medieval weald for inauthentic medievalisms, neomedievalists embrace the articulation and mobilisation of metahistorical anachronisms. To the medievalist, medievalisms provide powerful indexes that reveal how post-medieval societies have variously imagined ‘little middle ages’ to suit modern agendas. To the neomedievalist, medievalisms are theory-fictions that facilitate ludic speculation on non-modern futurities.

Your confraternity, our values.


Confraternity of Neoflagellants was founded in 2009 by Serjeant-At-Law Norman Hogg and Keeper of the Wardrobe Neil Mulholland. It is a pan-pancosmic, quasi-secular, equal opportunities confraternity bound by immaculately tanned chirograph. CoN was constituted by pilgrim-objects dedicated to the ludic, ascetic, aesthetic and athletic sampling and propagation of live neomedieval contagions.


Your confraternity is a mouldy avatar for all our para-modern world-building, a neomedieval theory-fictioning gaster-technology, a GAN-oracle of the not-yet-MHz. As a world-building electrostatic-#gut relic-ing weird-machine, CoN’s patent pending para-modern fictioning combines with gym-ripped mythopoesis to work on your core beliefs. Not arm day, not leg day, not head day, but gut day every day. As an army of prosthetic members, we flagellate the difficult middles.


Mall walk with us.

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