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All is of ecological and phylogenetic importance because the pancosmic vianderum (the Great Pie and such) hosts a multitude of lik-hame seolfes, gohst seolfes and simple seolfies providing niche arenas for courtship displays, night physics, nesting, hunt/gather victualing and sometimes sheltering if a table is free and of reasonable comportment. When the computers rotate the vianderum’s paragorium to ‘sleep mode’ mumbled eulogies and loud screams of pantediluvian regret waft up from the soufflé swamps as taxa of Indeterminate Tissue (IT) are beta-tested in the free-range passion pools.


The water flows all around the vianderum gut circuit and nobody can tell from whence it comes and what becomes of it. But, as with any method of filling, it is desirable that the feature has been running, since in this case it has been and will be a constant battle exchange of waters to express toxalbumin from the great pinched æg of the great god pan.

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