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Through lens of dumb device (๏_๏) assembled from sticks and sheets of frozen sap focus on panoramic copse of nature features. It is about twenty two thousand  wide and feels like it belongs outdoors. All you'll want to do is stare ๏_๏; water wall plant detail concourse forest feature tropic day sun light lights lighting fountain fountains water feature water cool refreshing peaty feature eat eating outlet eating out let in wet shopper shoppers united surface interior inside broad sea sell prebiotic half sale selling group diversity choices variety aroma scents flavor-sale enticing exotic culture cooking gastronomy appealing value spicy potatoes dish recipe special maple bacon basil aroma aromatic herb spices parcel species close up close-up closeup macro non-photography kitchen cooked cook cooking yellow red bright buy buying fitting horizontal water gulf indoor inside interior internal indoors insides wet interiors view views vegetable scene scenes colour color colours dry pan colors image images no photo no photos no photography. You'll believe your eyes are playing tricks.

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