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Great, great, great, grandson of the Ettrick Shepherd, Norman James Hogg is a Scots-Canadian artist, writer, photographer and paramodern investigator. He has been selected for New Work Scotland, New Work UK and was a director of the Embassy gallery in Edinburgh. Together with Neil Mulholland, he is co-founder of the neomedieval art collective Confraternity of Neoflagellants. After relocating to Montreal, Canada and being awarded a Joseph-Armand Bombardier doctoral scholarship he attained a PhD in Humanities (Fine Arts) from Concordia University. Currently still alive in Ottawa and Linlithgow, Hogg’s time is spent pilgrimizing subterranean mallways and corporate atriums while completing infinite power cycles on a Bowflex Revolution® Home Gym. His research into the endarkened, polytemporal hyper-economies of non-human ritual continue with the 2021 publication of the Confraternity’s second theory-fictional novel, pan-pan

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