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Great, great, great, grandson of the Ettrick Shepherd, Norman James Hogg is a Scots-Canadian artist, writer, photographer and paramodern investigator. He has been selected for New Work Scotland, New Work UK and was a director of the Embassy gallery in Edinburgh. Together with Neil Mulholland, he is co-founder of the neomedieval art collective Confraternity of Neoflagellants. After relocating to Montreal, Canada and being awarded a Joseph-Armand Bombardier doctoral scholarship he attained a PhD in Humanities (Fine Arts) from Concordia University. Currently still alive in Ottawa, Hogg’s time is spent pilgrimizing subterranean mallways and corporate atriums while completing infinite power cycles on a Bowflex Revolution® Home Gym. His research into the endarkened, polytemporal hyper-economies of non-human ritual continue with the fall 2020 publication of the Confraternity’s second theory-fictional novel, pan-pan

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